5 Tips For Choosing An HDMI Converter To Connect A PC To A TV

When you're working with computer equipment that is a few years old and modern television screens, you'll likely find that the connectors on the two components don't quite match up anymore. If your computer doesn't offer an HDMI output but it's required by the TV, you'll need a reliable converter to watch your favorite shows or look at photos on a large and high definition screen. Pick the right HDMI converter to put your media system together a little faster by using these five tips.

It's Not Just For New Years Anymore: 3 Furniture And Home Design Resolutions You Can Make Any Time Of The Year

From losing that extra weight you gained during the holiday season to finally clearing out the clutter in the basement, chances are you've made more than one New Year's resolution. There's also a chance that a few of these promises weren't kept, but don't blame yourself, blame the resolution and the timing. There is one promise you can keep any time during the year: making smarter choices about your furniture and home design purchases.