Why You Don't Even Need To Plug Your Electric Vehicle In At Night Anymore

Electric vehicles are no doubt the future of motoring, as the world looks towards more renewable sources of energy as petrol and diesel are phased out. However, in many ways, electric vehicles still resemble their petroleum-powered cousins, as you still need to plug them in much the same way you would fill them up with gas. This can be annoying, especially if you forget one night and end up the next morning with a flat car. There is a new type of technology coming into place that will change that, and make it even simpler to own an electric vehicle than ever before. This is, of course, wireless vehicle charging.

Wireless Vehicle Charging

One huge advantage of electric vehicles is that many can now be charged wirelessly, much as modern smartphones can be. All you need is a special attachment on the bottom of your cars battery and an easily installable floor-based charging port that you park over when you come home. This floor-based charging port is small, and can connect to any regular power outlet, or it can be connected straight to your power grid if a power outlet is not close by. Then you simply park over the top of the wireless charging bay, and you will have a fully charged car the next time you leave.

Is It Dangerous?

Wireless charging technology is not dangerous in any way. It uses magnets in a way that has been proven to be safe to humans. The magnets are also not powerful enough to affect other parts of your car or other metal objects in your garage. They are specially made to only transfer electricity between your car and your floor charger, and that is it. It is no more dangerous than regular electric car charging is, and ten times as easy!

How Expensive Is It?

The actual cost of the parts varies depending on the company you choose to go with, but you will need a certified electrician to install the parts on your car and the floor. This is where the bulk of the cost comes in, but it is still very affordable for those who also can buy an electric car, often less than a thousand dollars. Considering how long it lasts and the time and effort you save, it is very easy choice for many electric vehicle owners to make, and most get it done as soon as they get their car in hand!