Reasons To Consider LED Lighting For Your New Commercial Building

When you invest in a new commercial building, one of the first things you should do is a complete energy audit. This is particularly important if it's an older building that hasn't been renovated in quite some time. During your energy audit, you should talk with your electrician about the benefits of converting all of the lighting to an LED light system. Here are a few things you should know about LED lights before you make the change.

LED Lights Will Save Money In Several Ways

When you convert your lights to LEDs, you'll save your company money in multiple ways. First, LED lights are more energy efficient, so you'll reduce your energy spending. In addition, the long lifespan of these lights means that you'll spend less in lighting replacement costs over the period when you own the building.

LED lights are generally low-maintenance lights, which means you're not going to spend as much to maintain your lighting system as you would with other types of lights. Finally, because LED lights are manufactured to dissipate any generated heat more efficiently than other lighting systems, you won't have the same increase in your air conditioning costs over the summer if you replace your lighting with LEDs.

You Can Customize Your Lighting

LED lights come in a variety of different styles, light output ratings, colors, and designs. That means that you can truly customize your lighting to suit what you need in your building. This is a significant difference when compared to traditional lights, because you can only alter the appearance of traditional lights by adding light covers, which are much less effective.

Another benefit of being able to customize your lighting is the fact that you can tailor it to resemble any lighting system you wish. If you're not a fan of compact fluorescent bulbs because of their vibrant white light emission, you can have your LED lights tinted slightly to soften the light or add a subtle color hue to it. For work environments that thrive with some natural light, you can have your LEDs tinted to resemble natural sunlight. Their natural light emission paired with the tint can generate a warm, natural-looking glow that will help to overcome any shortage of windows.

There's No Risk Of Mercury Exposure

Unlike some compact fluorescent lights, LED lights do not contain any mercury. That eliminates the risk of any kind of mercury exposure from a broken light, which is a serious safety and health concern for your business.

You Won't Have A Delay When Turning Them On

Unlike some commercial lighting options, you won't have to wait for a filament to heat up in LED lights before you'll actually get the full benefit of the light. They'll illuminate at full power as soon as you turn them on. When visibility is a priority, this is an important consideration.

You Can Put Them On Dimmers

If you have areas of your building where you need precise control over the light levels, having a dimmer switch installed to control each one will help. The downside is that you can't select just any dimmer switch or wire them into an existing one without ensuring that the switch will support the LED light system. Your electrician and lighting contractor can help you with this.

As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons to consider an LED lighting conversion for your property. Before you start moving anything in and setting up your business, it's in your best interest to reach out to a local electrician for an energy audit so that you can ask about this kind of lighting conversion and its possible benefits for you.