Lighting Options That Conserve Energy

Your living expenses can annoyingly eat deep into your income. In some cities rent prices and energy costs are exorbitant. Some people, especially those with children, dread opening their energy bill every month. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can save big on your electricity bill just by adjusting your lighting.

Use Dimmers

You don't actually need your lights to be the same level of brightness for every situation. Installing dimmer allows you to adjust the brightness of the lights to fit the situation or time of day, which could save you lots of money and add a nice design element.

Try Motion Detectors

It can seem impossible to get kids to remember to turn off a light when they leave a room, which could cause big waste. Installing motion detectors takes this worry off of your shoulders. It can also be a good safety measure. If a burglar breaks in and the lights come on, they may make a run for it, thinking that someone is home. On the other hand, if you have pets, they could end up turning the lights on when no one actually needs them.

Use the Sun

Utilizing natural light saves energy and can really open up your home. Instead of switching the lights on, open the curtains and let the sun inside. This is especially important during the colder months when the winter blues and lack of vitamin D from the sun have you feeling low. To increase the design appeal of your home, you could even have skylights installed in key places of your home.

Buy Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, so strategically placed mirrors can really brighten up a room. Position your window so it reflects the natural light coming in from your windows. The way that windows reflect light is an optical illusion that helps to make spaces look bigger.

Reduce Wattage

You probably don't need your room to be as bright as it is. By not considering wattage you could be using a lot more electricity than you actually need. Not only is this wasteful, but over lit rooms can cause stress, while dim lights are more relaxing.

If after making these changes your electricity bill is still high, you should contact your electrician because there might be a deeper issue. Your electrician can also offer your more advice and some of the newest products to reduce energy waste. It's the right thing to do for your wallet and the environment.