3 Ways A Thermal Camera Can Help When Getting And Caring For A Kitten

Cats make wonderful pets. Not only are they rather independent, which makes them easier to care for than other pets, but they also provide companionship. There are approximately 74 – 96 million cats owned in the U.S. While older cats are rather easy to care for, kittens require more attention and care. Surprisingly, a thermal camera can help you out tremendously in this situation. Here are 3 ways a thermal camera can be used when getting and caring for a kitten.

Detect the Location of the Kitten

When you first get your kitten, you'll find yourself having a hard time keeping tabs on where it is. Kittens can easily become overwhelmed by new smells in the environment and will look for a safe space to hide. This can be troublesome if the kitten ends up in a hazardous place like underneath a cushion or inside a washing machine. Thermal cameras can be used to detect where the kitten is hiding. The thermal camera will pick up the heat signature of the kitten.

Thermal cameras are especially useful if the kitten is shy and not responding to your calls. You can even use the thermal cameras to look for warm spots in order to determine which spots are frequently visited by the kitten.

Find Messes and Spills Immediately

Most breeders will recommend picking up your new kitten when it is at least 12 to 14 weeks old. At this age, the kitten will usually have already been litter trained by its mother and will already be accustomed to using a litter box. However, accidents can still occur. You definitely want to find and clean messes immediately before the smell soaks into your hardwood floor or carpet.

Messes and spills can be immediately found with thermal cameras. You'll be able to pick out exactly where the messes are and can clean the area up effectively. To clean up the mess, use a paper towel to blot up as much of the mess as possible. Further clean the area with a detergent that does not contain ammonia, as the scent of the ammonia may only encourage your kitten to mark the spot again.

Determine the Health of the Kitten

Another interesting use for thermal cameras is the ability to detect the health of the kitten. Changes in the kitten's body temperature can be indicative of health problems. For example, intense hot spots in the thermal image can be indicative of a malign tumor. These health conditions can be hard to detect physically. Thermal cameras can discover the presence of these tumors with ease.

The thermal imaging can also be used to determine whether there are any spots that are hotter or cooler than others. For example, if a limb is constantly hotter than the others, it may be an indicative of a persistent health issue. While the thermal imaging may not be conclusive, it can give you a good idea as to whether there are any physical changes that you should be worry about. In the event that you notice these changes, there's no harm in taking the kitten to see a veterinarian.


While thermal cameras are commonly used for purposes like detecting leaks, it can be a very helpful tool for those who are welcoming a kitten into their home. The thermal cameras can help make caring for a kitten a much easier task. There are many different types of cameras that are available, with each model possessing unique features that can achieve various results. Examine the features of the thermal cameras to determine which one may be best suited for your situation.