It's Not Just For New Years Anymore: 3 Furniture And Home Design Resolutions You Can Make Any Time Of The Year

From losing that extra weight you gained during the holiday season to finally clearing out the clutter in the basement, chances are you've made more than one New Year's resolution. There's also a chance that a few of these promises weren't kept, but don't blame yourself, blame the resolution and the timing. There is one promise you can keep any time during the year: making smarter choices about your furniture and home design purchases. Here are three any time-of-the-year resolutions you can make today:

Resolution #1: Purchase A New Mattress

Did you know that according to The Better Sleep Council, the average adult should replace their mattress every seven years? If your mattress is getting older, or you simply aren't getting a good night's sleep anymore, it might be time to treat yourself and everyone in your home to a new mattress.

While shopping for a new mattress, keep these points in mind:

  • If you've always purchased pillow-top mattresses in the past, but are now suffering from lower back issues, consider switching to a firmer mattress.

  • The newer memory foam mattresses can provide amazing support, but they're not for everyone. If you tend to sweat in your sleep, a foam mattress can actually make this issue even worse.

  • Discuss this decision with your partner. While shopping for a mattress, insist you and your spouse or partner try out several different models. Chances are even if you both have different needs and preferences, you will find a model you can both enjoy.

Resolution #2: Learn How to Clean and Care For Furniture Properly

Your leather couch and upholstered chair have served you well – but they're also showing their age. However, before you consider purchasing newer models, learn how to care for and clean them properly.

Even if you do decide to splurge on a new piece, learning how to care for it properly will help ensure it remains beautiful and functional for several more years.

You might be surprised at what a thorough cleaning will do. Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid using any liquids to clean your leather furniture, whenever possible. Wiping down the piece with a dry cloth several times a week will help prevent discoloration and damage caused by the accumulation of dust, dirt and other debris.

  • Always blot at stains on your furniture, never rub. Rubbing at the stain will only work the liquid further into the fabric, which could make the discoloration even worse.

  • Use water-based conditioning products when cleaning or maintaining your leather furniture. Your everyday household cleaners will only cause the leather to dry out, which leads to unsightly cracks.

Whatever type of furniture you have, it's never advisable to display the piece in direct sunlight. Sunlight will cause your upholstered furniture to fade, and your leather pieces to crack.

Resolution #3: Invest In Eco-Friendly Furniture

In an effort to decrease your impact on the environment, you've dedicated yourself to living a more eco-concious lifestyle. However, even if you're recycling everything you can and limiting your water usage, did you know that you can take your dedication to preserve Mother Nature a step further?

Many furniture manufacturers are embracing this new trend and utilizing green and renewable resources. For example, bamboo is a great choice because it is sustainable, beautiful and there are pieces available at a variety of price points.

Purchasing pieces that are made from recycled or reclaimed items is another way to create an elegant and eco-friendly home!

Your furniture and home decor are not only functional, they also reflect your personal style and commitment to the environment. Whether you decide to adopt these furniture resolutions or choose to create a list of your own, remember that the idea is to save money and time, and most importantly, create a home that is stylish, functional and filled with pieces you can afford!

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